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Fat plants

Aloe vera

Question: I have separated the aloe vera a few days ago from the new plants by placing them in two different pots. I then made the mistake of watering too much, at least I think this is the problem, and now the leaves are sagging and changing color: first they were turgid and bright green and now they tend to brown.
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On this page we will talk about: other articles: see also: Lantana lantana: The Lantana is an evergreen, perennial, shrub-like plant, native to South America, very similar to the verbena. It is grown in a very well drained soil, prepared by adding sand and universal soil to the common garden soil, both in pots and in the ground.
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August wedding flowers

Flowers for a wedding in August: begonias, geraniums, surfinie, sunflowers, lilium and gladioli What are the best flowers for a wedding in August? The choice can only fall, of course, on all seasonal species, which in addition to costing less can also last longer. It is the case, for example, of petunias, geraniums, begonias, celosias, impatiens, marigolds and surfinie, which in reality are not specific to the month but appear in April and bloom until the autumn months; among the perennials, on the other hand, we note the daisies, the corepsis and the lion's mouths.
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Garden furniture

Furniture vases

MODELS AND MATERIALS USED FOR THE CREATION OF FURNITURE VASES The decorative vases allow the plants to be kept in a very elegant way and also have a decorative function that allows them to act as real furnishing accessories to make the home more elegant ; the market offers a wide range of models for decorative vases, in fact there are modern style furniture vases, suitable for those who want to have a home that is always in fashion, while there are also classic furnishing vases, for those who choose the classic that never sets.
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Frost with lemons

Question: Frost with lemons I protected my potted lemons from this year's abundant snow with non-woven fabric, but unfortunately I found all the dried leaves, at the time of the thaw, the plant is not dead, what should I do, to cut it or leave it like this? Winter Protective fleece 48 m² (30 m x 1.6 m) 50 G / M² - Top Weight protection for winter.
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Fruit and Vegetables

Avocado seeds

Question: Avocado with problems I managed to get an avocado seedling, simply by burying a seed. I find myself a beautiful plant almost a meter high within a season. This spring is born. I live in Liguria and to shelter it from the north I brought it home, now it shows alarming dark spots on some leaves, spots with limited width, but I have the impression that those leaves will die to my great regret and sense of powerlessness.
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